About Us

Lyaya (pronounced as Lee-yah-yah) which means Love Yourself As You Are offers affordable, top quality and best of all, no label active wear. 


Our most expensive item costs no more than $100.

Good quality:

We work with manufacturers who also create sports wear for big brands, bringing the same level of quality.

We test the products ourselves, use them in our workouts, at home and in the gym.

And we also love wearing them just for anything, like when going out on weekends to do errands or hanging out with friends over coffee.

No Visible Brand Logo:

We don't show our branding logo on the outside, so you can pair our pieces together with your other favorite sports brands or combine them with your everyday clothes to wear outside the gym. No more mismatched visible brands and you no longer have to look like a walking advertisement with all the visible branding on your active wear.

Lyaya is a perfect match to kick-start your fitness wardrobe, supplement your current favourite sports brands and everyday fashion.  Whenever, wherever, you will always look and feel good with Lyaya.