Natural and Artisan Collections this June

This June, we bring you makers from all over Asia to celebrate the art of crafting naturally beautiful objects and one of Singapore's best organic beauty brands.

Plus, checkout our summer in-store collection featuring bags from Japan, sports towels from Turkey, accessories from Indonesia and much much more!


Beneath the glamorous facade of cosmetics, lies an uncomfortable truth that most cosmetics are made of cheap fillers and at times toxic chemicals, that causes long term harm. Because of this, Suiinaturals was founded to adopt a zero chemical approach to color cosmetics and integrated with skincare ingredients. Proudly a Singaporean brand, Suiinaturals was awarded one of Beauty Insider's Beauty and Wellness Award Winners only a year after the company was established.

Beauty Collection Available In-store

Artisan Lipsticks and Lip Balms
These amazing lipticks and lip balms are definitely made with a zero chemical formulation. The lipstick range is based on 2 lip balm formula. The tropics balm and The subzero lip balm. The subzero formula contains more argan oil than the tropics balm formula. The lipstick offers full color payoff.

natural lipsticks
Full ingredients list of lipsticks are: Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Argan Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxides, Vitamin E.

Full Ingredient list for the lip balms (tropics and subzero) are: Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Argan Oil, Vitamin E.

All products are registered with HSA and currently hand made in Singapore.

natural lipsticks

Suiinaturals lipsticks and lip balms are available at Lyaya by FJ 02-16 Cluny Court. Click here for more store details.



Indiigo Culture's mission is to source amazing fabrics and to partner up-and-coming designers and makers across Asia to curate and bring products that are artisanal, sustainable, or ethical.

They celebrate and share in their makers' cultural identities, as well as support the artistry, hard work, and livelihoods behind every detail. Proud of Asia’s diverse heritage, they work to ensure its growth, continuity, and evolution.

Collections available in-store

Scarves by Art Professor Dr Nattinda (Nathanik) from Bangkok, Thailand, the Land of Smiles.


These designs and more are available at Lyaya by FJ 02-16 Cluny Court. Click here for more store details.

Nat always knew she wanted to be an artist. Even in her childhood, she wielded her talents astutely and formidably. 10-year-old Nat entered a weekly art competition coveting the first prize – a Barbie doll. It was a toy her mother could not indulge her in. It took Nat three entries to win her doll, and this determination remains at the core of her work. Watercolour is Nat’s medium of choice; taking inspiration from the Impressionist and Abstract movements, she creates intricate works that are printed onto Thai silk-blend fabric. As a social activist, Nat also uses her art to speak out for justice, and also donates funds from the sale of her scarves to a secondary school and a nursing home. 

Her Thai silk-blend scarves are made from 40% silk and 60% polyester, they come in three sizes. Small is 50 by 50cm, Medium is 100 by 100cm, Large is 120 by 120cm. 

Artisanal leather sandals designed by master craftsman Bu, from South Thailand.

leather sandals for women

These leather sandals for women are available at Lyaya by FJ 02-16 Cluny Court. Click here for more store details.

Starting off as an apprentice during his teenage years, Bu has practiced the art of shoemaking over three decades. Master shoemaker Bu, along with his brother, runs a small workshop dedicated to handcrafting the leather sandals. They are meticulous about the process and production, unlike other makers, the brothers even treat the leather themselves. Buttery soft leather sandals are the results –
perfect for your everyday adventures.

leather sandals for men and women

These leather sandals for men and women are available at Lyaya by FJ 02-16 Cluny Court. Click here for more store details.

 Summer In-store Collections

summer collection

summer at cluny court

turkish sports towels

Let us help you get summer ready! Head on out to our retail store at 02-16 Cluny Court for cute and fun summer accessories and travel essentials. Check out Turkish sports towels from SUMMER MOMENTS which are ideal for all sports activities - use them to mop up your sweat while working out at the gym, yoga, and after a game of tennis. 

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