Brands For The Little Ones Plus New Event for Charity This July

This July, we bring you brands and products that foster self-health, relaxation, and body awareness for your little ones. Get them to jazz up their outfits and amp up the cuteness level with fun and colourful children's accessories.

Plus, support a charity while getting a workout that infuses ballet, yoga, Pilates into fun and strengthening moves for only $10.

New Brands In-store: It's All About the Little Ones

Mini Yogi
MiniYogi is meant to enable kids to learn, have fun and relax around yoga!

Kids Yoga Books
Mini Yogi has a series of yoga activity books, initiating kids (5-12 years old) to yoga. This playful series proposes yoga poses, breathing exercises, stories and games to stimulate imagination while entertaining and educating kids.

yoga book for kids
Writen by Sophie, a mother of 3 and yoga teacher for kids and adults alike, wrote this series based on feedback from her own children, her students and their parents.
Each book is based on an animal, representing a yoga concept...
Volume 1: The Elephant of Wisdom and Volume 2: The Falmingo of Balance are now available in English and in French.

Yoga Mats for Kids
Designed with love, these yoga mats are shorter than adults mats, washable and incredibly soft! Available in  different designs and colours. All are conceived with passion, and produced respecting the environment.
yoga mats for kids
For those who love to dress up their little ones with accessories, we recommend these handmade couture headpieces by Mipopola.

100% self-designed and handmade by a very talented and beautiful mom of 2, the headbands are adjustable to fit babies, toddlers, and even adults ;)


New Event for Charity: Barre It with Jal in support of AWARE Singapore

In collaboration with Jal in support of AWARE Singapore, join us for a class featuring a hybrid of ballet, yoga, Pilates, and other strengthening and toning workout moves! You don’t have to be flexible, a dancer, or even have experience exercising to benefit from barre. This class is open to everybody who loves music, dancing and most of all, having fun while working out!
Barre in support of AWARE Singapore
All proceeds from the class will be donated to AWARE Singapore. AWARE is Singapore’s leading gender equality advocacy group. They provide specialised support for women, educating the public on gender equality, and promoting equitable laws and policies.

Attendees will also get $10 vouchers from Lyaya Activewear. Book here.

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