We List Some of Our Favourite Fitness Studios (in Singapore) with Live Online Classes

Singapore's post-circuit breaker Phase One: Safe Re-Opening has just started. The not so great news is, gyms and fitness studios aren't allowed to open just yet.

If you have been working out at home by yourself using some of the best free apps to assist you but are now longing for that community vibe or interaction; or if you have already been attending live online sessions from your favourite studio and want to widen your options for a different workout, or a different instructor or a different experience, this list is for you.

Online Classes

Below are some of our favourite instructors and studios in Singapore offering live online sessions of various types of workouts that you and the whole family can join from the comfort and safety of your homes. Support local and be sure to check them out! ;)


Flywith Fitness

As firm believers in wholesome living as being the driving force to successful living, FlyWith Fitness aims to combine wellness, mindfulness and nutrition education to help each individual achieve their ‘whol-listic’ best. They believe that each of us should find a movement method that we resonate with, allowing us to feel lifted and empowered after each session. With a strong emphasis on Aerial, Pilates and Yoga techniques, their hope is for you to feel a natural high after each and every class.

You can find more details and book for online classes at their website


Peak Health

Get a personalized training and nutrition program from Amanda Dale to achieve your fitness goals faster and safer. With 12 years experience as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, sports nutritionist, and wellness coach, and recently named Yahoo Singapore #Fitspo of the week for her work in the Southeast Asia health and fitness community, you will surely be in great hands.

Amanda, who has just recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl, is currently offering prenatal and postpartum live classes via Zoom. You can make direct booking via @peakhealthconsultancy or email at peakhealthconsultancy@gmail.com



Their motto “Positivity always! Progress over Perfection!” is embodied in their brand, classes’ design, and personified by their instructors. They believe that all of us can embark on our individual fitness journey by taking the 1st and biggest step across our mindset and commitment hurdle, and as they say – the rest is a piece of cake – one small bite at a time, together. SP+ is all about empowering their clients with different lifestyle or fitness needs with Pilates / Yoga coaching.

​You can find their online class schedule and book via @sppilatesyoga


So Yoga

So Yoga brings fun and happiness, relaxation and peace through yoga - to kids, families and adults in Singapore.

They have an ongoing yoga class via Zoom every Mondays 7.30am or Fridays 9am SGT. Or you can also join them to breathe & smile with your younger ones for an hour event this Saturday 6th of June. Perfect class for you and your child above 5 years old, or even the whole family! For more details, check out their website here.




Lyaya Sale

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